Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are there no chat commands?

SlashCommands are easier to use and Discord wants the bots to use SlashCommands as it is clearer and easier to use.

2. The bot is not working properly what to do?

Make sure that the bot in each TextChannel has all the necessary permissions.

3. I don't understand the setup what can I do?

We have a documentation that explains all the steps of the setup or /Quicksetup for easier and faster setup.

4. The bot says I am banned what to do?

Don't panic, in very rare cases it can happen that your access was banned if the feedback command was abused.

5. I cannot use the dashboard what to do?

Please check if you are on our Discord, you need to be on our Discord server to use the dashboard.

6. Is it possible to translate other languages?

Yes it is possible, please open a ticket on our Discord.